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The Magpie Ditty was originally made for the Magpie Collection, a crowdsourcing effort to refund equipment stolen from developers while attending A MAZE./ 2015.

Music: Titouan
Art + Programming: Pol
Poster + Wallpaper: Dziff
Consultancy: Tyu



There is a cosy lounge in my little treehouse
Not really the biggest one, but it's large enough
For stacking the shiny things I find around
I'm the Magpie king, carry on!
I've got a little shelf made of wood and roots
I use it to expose my favourite loots
They're so many that I'll need another row
I'm the Magpie boss, way to go!


Magpie, we've lost some goods today
Things don't vanish like that, do they?
We suspect you to know, we say
Magpie, you took our stuff away!


I can hear the little birds crying in the forest
I get all their complaints, but I couldn't care less
I'm dancing at the sight of my golden nest
I'm the Magpie thief, I'm the best!
Some think one day they might get back their treasure
But I know I prefer to forever
Keep with me all these items of great value
I'm the Magpie, whatcha gonna do?


Magpie, we told the wolves today
They don't really like you, do they?
They're gonna help us find you, they say
Magpie you better run away!

Bridge (birds and wolves chorus)

Aouuuuuuuuh Aouuuuuuuuh
Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah
Aouuuuuuuuh Aouuuuuuuuh
Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah

Magpie (+ wolves chorus in the background):

They got reinforcements, so I had to flee
Maybe they will find my nest, but they'll never catch me
I'm leaving with a bag full of goods, again
I'm the Magpie, dude what a pain!
They think they have a chance, but I'm well hidden
This is not the first time I'm on the run
I'm so good nobody ever stopped me so far
I'm the Magpie shade… (birds:) HERE YOU ARE!

Birds (+ Magpie trying to run away):

Magpie, we'll punish you today!
Wolves bites are not funny, are they?
Oh, you've learned the lesson, you say?
Magpie, then give your weatlth away!


Despite my stealth, they found my track
They plucked me and took their stuff back
And left me all alone, naked in the forest
I'm the magpie, broke, what a mess!
I used to be a thief, and the one to blame
I leave that in the past, now I am ashamed
I promise to never steal your things again
I was the Magpie fool (+bird + wolves:) in the end
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsTitouan Millet, Dziff, Pol Clarissou
Tagsditty, magpie, paper, puppets, song, theater


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I want to sing the magpie ditty to my future kids. <3

Very nice and inspiring clip!

Wondeful! This game put the biggest smile on my face today :D

Love the way you subtly interract with the characters and make part of the action. Beautiful art, beautiful song, beautiful game!